Your VIP Section at the Sandbar… Umbrellas 4 boats providing good quality umbrellas and base for your boat, home pool, and accessories… for you to have a great time at the sandbar parties or at the confort of your home.


Our mission is to provide boat enthusiasts with an alternative sun-cover device more practical and less expensive than the traditional canopies or hard tops. Umbrellas 4 Boats created an umbrella base (Aluminum marine grade)(patent pending) that can be fixed to one stern eye of the boat.

This unique base allows boaters to set a giant patio umbrella and adjust its position to different areas (including the back portion of the boat where the grill and refreshments are usually set).

This umbrella provides a shaded area of over 60 square feet allowing people to enjoy more time in the water while protecting them from the sun. Since the umbrella is fixed to a corner of the boat, boaters can freely move from one spot to another without dismounting the device.


This Adjustable Umbrella Base is fixed on one stern-eye (U-bolt) on the boat. It allows the umbrella to be set at different angles.

*No perforations needed.*

*It is Easy to install.*

*Materials: Aluminum (plates and tube) & stainless steel (pin and screws)

Installation simplicity depends on access to the nuts that holds the stern-eye (U-bolt). If there is no access to these nuts, professional installation might be recommended

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